Payments & Invoicing

We handle everything from check deposits to automatic book updates, including sending an invoice to your customers.

Seamless Bill Payments

Paying bills is essential to the cash flow and overall profitability of your business. Cloud-Bookkeeper Services can help you pay your bills on time, as we partner with leading payment providers. We set up your account and all you have to do is permit us to proceed by logging in and uploading the bill to be paid, and we will handle the rest, including balancing your account.

Once your customers pay up their bills, you receive a transaction push notification, and your book is automatically updated with the payment accordingly. Reconciling your processor accounts enables you to receive credit card payments too. And for auditing purposes, your financial documents are securely stored online for easy and anytime accessibility.

Invoicing Solution for All Businesses

With Cloud-Bookkeeper Services, billing and invoicing is as easy as can be. We do the work for you. We send the invoice to your clients and remind them when it is due so that you are paid faster while you attend to more important aspects of growing your business. Even when you want to settle business expenses, just tender a request for a deposit on your invoice, and we would take it from there.