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Restaurant-Bookkeeper – The cloud bookkeeping expert you need to grow your restaurant business

Restaurant-Bookkeeper is a subsidiaries division of Cloud-Bookkeeper, Inc. Our services are provided to you by Cloud-Bookkeeper, Inc., “Doing Business As” Restaurant -Bookkeeper. We offer top-quality online bookkeeping service solutions to all sizes of restaurants and eatery businesses, including cafés, lounges, food trucks, fast food joints, food diners and bars & bistros to our National US customers and International customers.

We are a global company, with a reputation for serving international restaurant businesses with secure onshore data hosting and easy access to the business financial records anytime, anywhere.

At Restaurant-Bookkeeper, we provide restaurants and related hospitality businesses with a cloud-based automated platform and a dedicated bookkeeper to handle all bookkeeping tasks of your business. We also integrate the services of leading accounting tools to take care of any accounting service you need and give you 24/7 access to the financial status of your business wherever you are ON-THE-GO.

We make the restaurant business so simple

Focus on the daily activities of your restaurant while we take care of your books, general ledger, profit and loss statement, account reconciliation, payroll, and financial statement reporting.

Our Mission

We believe that the success of a restaurant business goes beyond mouthwatering recipes and assorted delicacies. The more detailed insight you have about the financial health of your restaurant, the better the decisions you make to foster growth and increased profitability. And our mission is to offer the best remote online bookkeeping services, including outsourced accounting and payroll service to help your business thrive and grow.

Our Business Strategy

Be agile, respond to customers needs, be iterative by focusing on Quality, and have straight forward pricing- No Gimmicks!

We partner with leading and reputed partners in accounting industry, to deliver quality paperless online bookkeeping services.

Our Pricing

We have established a reputation of trust and efficiency for ourselves, and we never compromise quality for cost. We offer a flexible pricing plan. And depending on the size of your restaurant business; from small startups to 10-star restaurants, we have a suitable plan for you in our bookkeeping pricing model.

Sign up and subscribe to any plan that suits your business to get 50% off the first month.

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